Behold the wholesale marcasite earrings trends for this season!

Wholesale marcasite earrings are making trends for the current season even more exciting. Every year that starts comes along with new trends and 2019 is no exception. We did the hard work for you and went out hunting for the best trends in earrings you should be wearing today. If you like being a trendy woman and wonder what is going on in the world, look no further. Read on and go shopping for the right pair of wholesale marcasite earrings to shine bright starting today.

Sculptural earrings

Sculptural earrings are the best way to wear wholesale marcasite earrings this season. The material is so malleable that it is possible to create the most intricate pieces with them. Sculptural pieces enhance the faces of influencers all over social media. It is a fashion style that goes well with the hairdressing style of modern culture. Most of the hip-hop inspired hairdos of actresses like Tracee Ellis Ross consist of the ears being out. This feature is needed to make the sculptural pieces shine through any and all outfits. 

Let´s take a look at some basic things to bear in mind to look great on sculptural wholesale marcasite earrings:

The bigger, the better

Yes, the bigger a pair of sculptural wholesale marcasite earrings, the better. You have to match the personality of your outfit and hair style to accommodate to them. It can also be worn as a stand-alone accessory with no necklace or other ornaments. It is particularly good to mix them with a minimalist, sporty outfit and take it to the next level. The fashion style of luxury athleisure is a great combination with big, sculptural wholesale marcasite earrings.

Personalized pieces

Because wholesale marcasite earrings are made by artisans mainly, it is the best to ask for a personalized piece. This will give an even more appealing feeling to wearing them. Being involved in the design of a dressing piece or an accessory is a great way to wear something beautiful. Personalized wholesale marcasite earrings can be made in extremely intricate forms. This season you can bet on owls, they are big in the market; just ask for your particular kind.

Hooping all the way

On the opposite side of the road we find the simplest design of earrings in the planet: hoops. The difference between traditional ones and the new trend is that you can and should go all-in. For example, you can wear oversized plain ones or go for a more beautiful design with a precious material. In this final case wholesale marcasite earrings can offer the best options. The mix between silver and this amazing material can have as a result a wonderful piece. One of the best things about marcasite is that it combines with almost everything.

Marcasite beating gold

Wholesale marcasite earrings are beating gold this season. It is a statement by the fashion industry to move away from this shiny material. The closer you get to alternative ways of dressing your ears, neck and hands, the more fashionable you´ll be. This is one of the reasons why wholesale marcasite earrings are the choice to go for this season if you want to be trendy. This doesn´t mean you have to throw away all your gold stuff, just keep it stored for later and embrace marcasite.

Make friends with silver

Wholesale marcasite earrings and marcasite in general is a great combination for silver. There are many pieces created from oxidized silver, marcasite and stones. In particular, these materials (silver and marcasite) go amazingly well with colors like turquoise. If you feel a little more daring, you can have a shaped pending of an owl with color stones engraved. Wholesale marcasite earrings come in so many different shapes that sky is the limit this season.


Embracing the newest trends in the market is a beautiful task to go about. Follow these tips before your next shopping spree and buy the trendiest pieces around. Wholesale marcasite earrings are changing the industry because of this amazing material´s features. Go intricate, sculptural and take no prisoners because that is what´s hot this summer. Remember, wholesale marcasite earrings are the way to go.